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Types of Floor fixings fasteners

Combining high performance with comfort, the full range of Lindapter floor fasteners for open grid floors reduces installation cost and makes using the range cost effective, fast and reliable.

No scaffolding or special equipment is required as installation can be done without the need to access the underside of the floor.

Lindapter floor fasteners are fully tested for warmth, vibration, service life and cargo capacity and are guaranteed products with various approvals for your peace of mind when specifying applications. With minimal protrusion above the aisles, there is no chance of accidents, ensuring that safety concerns are not compromised.

Lindapter Distributor in Australia

Due to the fact that Lindapter floor fasteners can be used without the need for a hot work permit, they are particularly suitable for processing, petrochemical and offshore environments.

Type FF - Floorfast®

Floorfast fastening is an ingenious design that allows steel floor plates to be attached from above, by one man, using simply a T-handle hex wrench. No bottom access required and no drilling or welding required the place.

The product consists of a malleable iron cast body with a countersunk head screw. The cast iron stepped web eccentric locks automatically under the steel frame and is suitable for flange thicknesses from 3mm to 15mm. Cable ties over 15mm thick can be accommodated by using a simple packing piece.

Cast bodies cannot be supplied without screws.

Quick grating clips

Standard Grate-Fast Bar Grating Clips consist of a top mount and bottom cast body, connected by a 3/8” galvanized socket head bolt. They are one of the safest types of bar rack fasteners we offer, and they have the added benefit of being easy to use and easy to install.

Grate-Fast Clips Details and Options

Lindapter offers several different Grate-Fast Bar Grating Anchor and Clip configurations to fulfill the requirements of a diverse selection of consumers. The standard features of the product:

  • A galvanized iron body
  • A 13 gauge galvanized top mount to accommodate 1/4”, 3/16” and 1/8” bearing bar sizes
  • One 2 1/4” threaded stud to be used with a variety of bar depth
  • A stepped tail that fits 1/8 "to 3/4" beam flanges

Other options include the Grate-Fast 3D and 4D, which feature a longer screw bolt for use with deeper grab bars, and the Grate-Fast FG series, which are made from 300 series stainless steel and are available with flat or offset flange. saddles.

If you need help choosing the best Grate-Fast bar mesh fastener for your application, use the form on this page to contact Lindapter directly.

Installing Bar Grates with Grate-Fast Clips

Using Grate-Fast clips to put in steel grating is easy:

  1. Position the Grate-Fast so the top seat rests on the rack support bars and the arrow on the bottom piece is facing the structural steel beam
  2. Slide the Grate-Fast forward until the tip of the lower casting is positioned under the flange of the beam.
  3. Using a hex wrench, tighten the cap screw until the tip is tight against the flange.

From start to finish, the installation process takes just seconds. Grate-Fast clips will be easily removed and reinstalled using a similar procedure.

Key Benefits of Quick Bar Grating Clamps

Grate-Fast clamps have a number of advantages over similar bar rack clamps. They offer exceptional security while being quick and easy to install, without requiring welding, drilling, or the use of special tools other than a standard hex key. Standard Grate-Fast clips are designed to withstand a maximum load of up to 800 pounds and an average side load of 450 pounds, depending on their depth and liner.

We offer fast turnaround times on custom fabrications and dedicated service for clients in a variety of industries. To request a quote or get more information about our products, visit our website today.


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