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At Newcastle Tiling we want to share with you the basic guidelines on how to lay tiles correctly, whether in bathrooms, kitchens or any space in the home that you decide to tile. A correct installation will guarantee that the tiles last over time, avoid cracks in them or that they hollow out and come off. We will have the guarantee of success if we bet on good materials, including tiles, fasteners, gripping and grouting, and we follow good practice to place the tiles correctly. Before starting to tile, it is important to talk about the previous preparation of the facing to be tile. If the surface is very irregular, it must be corrected with a previous sanitizing or plastering that levels and provides a better grip to the new tiling. We will continue preparing the bonding material, which is the glue cement. The manufacturer will give us the recommended amounts of water and glue cement for the mixture, and as a tool we will use a drill with a mixing rod. Once the mixture is made,