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Gemstones for engagement rings, which one to choose?

  There are 4 precious stones for engagement rings, today we tell you the keys to know which is the perfect gemstone for your engagement ring . An engagement ring is one of the most important jewels in life, it is the jewel that contains the most love. That is why all the details must be carefully chosen, so that it is a ring to the liking of the person who will wear it. The engagement rings should be made of gold, a durable material as the relationship to which we are committing, and usually carry a single gemstone, or several small gems. Today we are talking about the 4 precious stones for engagement rings, which are: diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. The diamond, the eternal purity The diamond is the gemstone for engagement rings par excellence. In an engagement ring we want to reflect all the feelings that our relationship will harbor: clarity, eternal love, purity ... That is why the diamond is the best representation; a precious stone that is difficult to extract, full of ligh