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The critical points for workplace accidents in warehouses

Warehouses are places susceptible to occupational accidents due to the handling and transfer of goods. Despite constant regulations and prevention policies, warehouses rank high on the list of the most dangerous places to work. The solution? Identify the critical points in the warehouse where the worker is most likely to suffer accidents and, consequently, develop an action plan for the prevention of occupational accidents. At Australian work place safety , in addition to investing in R&D to improve the machinery used at the end of production, we are aware of the importance of the safety of workers who are at the forefront of logistics, therefore, in the article Today we help you identify the places and situations where the main risks to worker safety and the facilities themselves reside. Potential hazards of sections in a warehouse To understand the nature and location of occupational hazards, it is necessary to make a division of the different sections in a warehouse. Diff