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Types of Floor fixings fasteners

Combining high performance with comfort, the full range of Lindapter floor fasteners for open grid floors reduces installation cost and makes using the range cost effective, fast and reliable. No scaffolding or special equipment is required as installation can be done without the need to access the underside of the floor. Lindapter floor fasteners are fully tested for warmth, vibration, service life and cargo capacity and are guaranteed products with various approvals for your peace of mind when specifying applications. With minimal protrusion above the aisles, there is no chance of accidents, ensuring that safety concerns are not compromised. Due to the fact that Lindapter floor fasteners can be used without the need for a hot work permit, they are particularly suitable for processing, petrochemical and offshore environments. Type FF - Floorfast® Floorfast fastening is an ingenious design that allows steel floor plates to be attached from above, by one man, using simply