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How to design the perfect label for your wines?

Does the label on your bottles convey the real value of your wines?

The label of a bottle of wine is key to motivating the purchase decision on the wine shelf or on the restaurant shelf.

But also, you are lucky that many of the people who buy or order a wine in the restaurant, are curious to read the label to know more about the wine they are drinking. This does not happen with other products. Do not miss this opportunity.

wine design

The truth is that the label of your bottles is a very important element within the branding or branding strategy of your wines, so with this article I want to help you create differentiating labels that help you increase the rotation of your wines in the establishments and to improve the positioning of your brand in the market.

9 guidelines to design the perfect label for your wines

  • Always as part of branding. The label of your wine bottles is an important element but always integrated into your branding or brand strategy.

    Your brand, your story, your image, your colors and your message must be present on your labels. Designing a striking label can be relatively simple, the tricky thing is to find a good design that is part of your brand strategy and captures the attention of your ideal customer.

  • Dare to surprise the consumer with things they do not expect. Use the label to differentiate yourself. Do not put on your label what most wineries put.

    You can use original designs, flashy creatives and you can tell different things or explain the characteristics of the wine in a new way.

  • Focus the label on the ideal customer and show him the wine inside, or even better, the experience he will have with the wine that he will find inside the bottle.

  • Get the consumer to remember your bottle, look for it and easily identify it among the rest of the wines.

    Won't you remember this label just by seeing it once?

  • You have a very limited space in the bottle, take advantage of your label to differentiate your wine and winery from the rest, also from the rest of the wines of your DO

    Do not dedicate the main label of the bottle to the DO but to your winery and your wine. It is very common to find wines that use the label to talk about the DO to which they belong. If your wine has a DO stamp, it will already include the specific label of the regulatory council that all consumers will recognize, especially if they are looking for wines of that DO. It is enough.

  • The front label is key to attract the consumer. With the back label you can finish conquering him.

    On the front the label is suggestive, on the back it explains what you will find different inside the bottle.

  • Think of a label for a global market. Leave localisms and regionalisms behind unless your wines are sold solely or mainly in their region.

    With this I do not mean that you do not highlight or take advantage of the peculiarities that the terroir and the region where your vineyards are located contribute to your wines.

    But when talking about your region, do so thinking of an international consumer who will be very little interested if you dedicate your label to explain in detail where your vineyards are located within your autonomous community or your province, totally unknown to him.

  • Not all labels have to be modern, there is also room for tradition.

    There are wineries that have brands that are highly positioned in the market and with a history that makes them unique.

    For these brands, betting on a modern and transgressive design is often risky and perhaps out of place. They prefer to keep a classic and traditional style on their labels because it is also how their customers and consumers identify them.

  • Bet on a professional designer and quality creativity. The label is important enough to invest in good creativity like Wine Design.

    And if you are one of those who prepare the texts and give some instructions to the printing company so that they can take care of the design "for free", think about whether the savings are really worth it.

Design is much more important than printing, it can bring differentiation and value to your wines, as well as increase your sales. Do not play it and let the printing company be dedicated to printing and a designer take care of the designs of your labels even if they charge you for it.

wine label design

Now is your turn

Do you think that the label of your bottles transmits the real value of your wines? If you think so, congratulations because it is not so easy to achieve it.

If, on the other hand, you think your label could be better and you are considering creating a design that helps you differentiate your wines and sell more, visit Wine Design and find out how we can help you.

We can help you create the perfect label for your wines but also, we can improve the positioning of your brand in the market by working on the rest of the communication elements. Contact Wine Design today!


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