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Five Tips to Renovate the Bathroom


Yes, we know. The bathroom is one of the first parts of the house that is thought about if we consider a comprehensive reform. If you have considered starting the year with this task, we give you some tips to reform the bathroom. Get in touch with us today!

1. Plan

It seems like a no-brainer but planning is the key to a good result. What does your bathroom need? To completely reform the bathroom, many options must be taken into account, such as changing the floor, redistributing space and toilets, plumbing, ventilation ... And each of these works must be carried out in due order to avoid unforeseen events. Therefore, first of all, you have to plan the order of the actions.

bathroom renovation

2. The electrical installation, with professionals

The electrical installation is one of the most complicated parts of reforming the bathroom. You need the help of an expert who knows where to locate the plugs. For example, a minimum allowable distance is needed between plugs and water taps. The safety first, and so we must let professionals guide us.

3. Toilets and shower trays

Both things are almost always on the list of essential when renovating the bathroom, since they are elements in which it is important to invest in its renovation. For example, installing compact or suspended toilets can help us gain a few extra centimeters. In addition, changing the bathtub for a shower tray will not only save 70% of the water, but we will also gain space and mobility.

4. Choosing a good soil

The choice of the ground before the reform of our bathroom is fundamental. Beyond aesthetics, it will have to be resistant to moisture, slip resistant and easy to care for. If we decide on tiles, porcelain stoneware is the one that offers superior resistance. The cement tiles, on the other hand, are in vogue. They are not strictly tiles as they are not clay, but they are still easy to maintain. The wood, natural or imitation, the resin or polished concrete are other materials that we can use.

bathroom reform

5. Plumbing

If you have an older plumbing system, keep it simple to avoid supply and drain problems. Taking into account, in addition, that the availability of the toilet is conditioned by the proximity of the floor drain. The savings is another factor to consider. Take advice and choose pipes that save money. There are models of sinks, for example, that reduce water consumption by more than half. Faucets that achieve this by opening in cold water and others that do so thanks to thermostatic. The latter, the best option to save water and energy.

6. The arrangement of light

The ideal would be to have as much natural light as possible. However, bathrooms are usually the darkest parts of the house due to the absence of openings. In this case, you have several lighting options. If the bathroom has some natural light, you can simply distribute two or three more points of light throughout the space. Lighting can be placed on the mirror, reflecting the light and multiplying it. But what if we put her in the shower? The options are multiple and must always be adapted to the style of each home and, of course, to its individuals.

renovate your bathroom

7. Tiling and coatings

Changing the tiles and choosing the wall tiles correctly will be two of the aspects that will be most noticeable when we finish renovating the bathroom. We must take into account the shades to choose to continue increasing the feeling of space and make sure that we do not have humidity problems. The latest trends: rectified tiles (without joint) are the most used in addition to white tones in them.

Experts in bathroom renovations

Above all, at Complete Shower Seal we believe that the main thing when renovating the bathroom is the symbiosis between your style and efficiency. Think about what the ideal result you are looking for would be like and put yourself in the hands of experts to help you achieve it. You can see the bathroom renovations we have carried out on our Facebook page.


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