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Internet marketing brings together a large number of techniques and tools in the service of a web strategy. Jezweb is unthinkable today to operate a business on the web successfully without solid skills in this young field, e-marketing.

Even if their core business is not based on the internet, the majority of companies have no other way out than to take this media into account, if only to control their online reputation and engage in a real conversation with his clients.

The objectives: make your site known, make people like its brand, retain Internet users or sell products and services.

Post, video, business case, white paper, ebook ... content is on the rise today. These letters of nobility are justified because it is the basis of any digital medium.

Performance measurement holds an important place in digital. The many levers available  require  severe arbitration. The Key Performance Indicators  ( see the definition of the KPI ), serve as a judge of peace to select the most efficient tools and channels. 

This section is the gateway to many areas and skills: from emailing, design to SEO management of advertising campaigns, ... to web analysis. So much so that real professions have developed: web designer, integrator, traffic manager ...

The Marketing Fundamental online training was designed with the aim of enabling people untrained in the practice of marketing to understand the usefulness, structure and operation of customer orientation in a business.

By going through the study of the content of a marketing plan , the definition of marketing strategies and finally their operational implementation , the participant of this marketing course will be guided step-by-step to through an approach that has now become essential for any company that wants to survive in increasingly competitive markets.

Indeed, the competitive environment has grown steadily between companies in recent years. Companies must also face increased competition, particularly with the arrival of new players (for example from the digital economy) more agile and with more aggressive offers in traditional markets.

Principle of the “Fundamental Marketing” course: 80% theory and 20% videos, application examples and concrete case studies as well as various exercises to facilitate the assimilation of concepts structured into thematic modules.

This online course will allow you to acquire the fundamental concepts of marketing:

  • Know the structure and content of a marketing plan
  •  Know how to analyze a market, its environment, its competition and its consumers
  • Set goals to aim for
  • Define segmentation, targeting, positioning and differentiation strategies
  • Develop the marketing mix consisting of the product and price as well as the distribution and promotion (communication)
  •  Establish and follow a marketing budget


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