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Which diamond is best to invest for an engagement ring?

What makes colored diamonds so sought after?

Colored diamonds are a rarity. It is estimated that just one of natural diamonds have it. And only 1% of that 1% are roses. Hence they are so extremely valuable.

Red and pink diamonds acquire their color because at some point during the formation process they experience abrupt and localized? over pressure that alters the normal packing in a given area, thus giving rise to a layer or strip that interacts with visible light in a different way, absorbing part of it, which favors its coloration.

A diamond is one of the forms, variants or allotropes in which the chemical element carbon occurs. Specifically, diamonds are crystalline structures that are formed when, as a result of the enormous pressures and temperatures that occur inside the planet, clusters of carbon atoms - of the order of many billions - are arranged and unite forming a solidly packed three-dimensional network that, later, and due to geological processes, end up reaching the earth's crust - unless, of course, they are synthetic.

It is precisely their 'carbonic' nature that justifies most of them being transparent or translucent. Without going into great considerations, the electronic distribution of the carbon atom causes that this crystalline structure does not absorb any of the visible radiation - a more exhaustive explanation would require allude to the band theory.

So the perfect, or ideal, diamonds are transparent. The existence of (some) colored diamonds attends to three factors:

Presence of impurities, that is, traces or minimal amounts of other elements with characteristics similar to carbon and that replace a part of its atoms in the crystal lattice. Structural defects or alterations originated during the diamond formation process. Due to natural irradiation from radioactive minerals in the place of diamond formation, any of these factors causes a local alteration of the electronic distribution that favors the absorption of a particular strip or region of the color spectrum , subtracting it from white light. And, therefore, it makes these diamonds present one or another color.

In the case of yellow diamonds, the most abundant of the colored ones, they appear due to the presence of nitrogen impurities. That is, when a very small but significant amount of nitrogen atoms take the place of carbon atoms in the crystalline structure.

pink diamonds

While in blue diamond’s is the element that replaces carbon.

Green diamonds originate from natural irradiation from neighboring rocks. Upon reaching the diamond, the radiation emitted by the rocks modifies the electronic distribution, giving rise to this tonality that, in addition, tends to be concentrated in the outer layers of the stone, as the radiation is attenuated as it penetrates it.

Of course, these are not pure colors. Depending on whether there are more or less impurities; if the altered or defective areas are more or less abundant and more or less extensive; or if the irradiation is more or less powerful, the tone and intensity of the diamond color is affected. And, in the same way, it may be the case that two of these factors converge in the same diamond: for example, impurities of an element and structural defects. This is, in fact, what happens in violet and purple diamonds, which obtain their color from the combination of structural defects -rose- and the presence of boron -blue-. The sum of both colors produces the definitive violet tone.

And some of this also occurs in the much less highly valued gray or black diamonds, which are caused by the presence of graphite inclusions, which is another of the allotropic forms of carbon. That is to say, of 'grains' where the carbon has been grouped not as a three-dimensional network, but as sheets or layers. From what can be understood as inclusions of "defective structures". And as everyone has in mind, graphite, unlike diamond, does have color, gray. Depending on the amount of inclusions of this nature, the diamond can turn from gray to black.

Tips before buying the engagement ring

Before buying this jewel that will mark the rest of your life as a couple, it is important to take into account a series of aspects. So we advise you to follow the subsequent steps:

Find out what you would like and your size

In order to buy this very special ring, it is important to do a little research so that you can know what type of ring you would like. And especially its size. But start your investigations in a sneaky way.

You can ask her family or friends what kind of ring she might like. And try to find out its size by measuring one of its rings.

Assign a budget

Put on a maximum budget and try to choose the ring that your partner may like the most without leaving it. This is quite difficult. But trust us, you don't have to spend exorbitant money to get your partner's dream ring.

Buy the engagement ring with time and certificate

Don't wait until the last minute. If you already know what type of ring he likes and the size, buy it with time and especially certified. The latter is important because only a jewelry store can sell you a certified ring. This will ensure that the material and stone they sell you is authentic.

How to choose a diamond ring?

Now that you know which are the best diamond rings available on the market, it seems especially important to take into account some points in order to choose the perfect jewel for you or to give to that unique and special person for you.

To be able to choose the perfect diamond ring, do not forget to always evaluate the use that you are going to give it or to whom and at what time you want to give it (anniversary, engagement) in order to be able to select the perfect jewel and always choose a model according to the person who will wear the ring.

It is important to always check that they are authentic and quality diamond rings, so we recommend always asking for the certificate of authenticity when purchasing this type of rings or we could suffer any type of scam.

As these are very flirtatious and high-value jewels, it is also very important to check the size well when selecting this type of diamond rings since if the ring is very large it can be easily lost but if it is small it can be annoying circulation and it would be a shame not to be able to wear it as it is unique pieces of jewelry.


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