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Gemstones for engagement rings, which one to choose?


There are 4 precious stones for engagement rings, today we tell you the keys to know which is the perfect gemstone for your engagement ring.

An engagement ring is one of the most important jewels in life, it is the jewel that contains the most love. That is why all the details must be carefully chosen, so that it is a ring to the liking of the person who will wear it. The engagement rings should be made of gold, a durable material as the relationship to which we are committing, and usually carry a single gemstone, or several small gems.

Today we are talking about the 4 precious stones for engagement rings, which are: diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald.

gemstones for engagement ring

The diamond, the eternal purity

The diamond is the gemstone for engagement rings par excellence. In an engagement ring we want to reflect all the feelings that our relationship will harbor: clarity, eternal love, purity ... That is why the diamond is the best representation; a precious stone that is difficult to extract, full of light and brilliance, which remains unaffected by the adversities of the passage of time due to its hardness. It is no wonder that its romantic glow captivates us.

In an engagement ring we will almost always use a diamond, although we can create a personalized design by changing its shape or measurements and even combine it with other gemstones on the side to add a touch of color. We can use brilliant - cut diamonds (the best known) or other size originals such as baguette, size oval, marquise, carving heart, pear - cut ... Or use a medium center diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, this will give us a glow effect still greater.

The ruby, the passion of fire

This gemstone is one of the most expensive and rare stones, even rarer than diamond. Rubies are corundum with an intense red color, although their shades can vary from orange, pink, lilac ... It is extremely rare to find rubies with an intense red color and without internal impurities, that is why they are so highly valued.

In engagement rings it is always recommended to use them together with one or more diamonds, since the brilliance of both intensifies, creating a warm contrast. They can be used in smaller sizes as an ornament, or place a central ruby with diamonds on each side, or if we want a classic-style engagement ring we can place a central ruby surrounded by small diamonds attached with polished staples. All these combinations will depend on the type of setting that we have chosen for our engagement ring.

Although the ruby has an appearance of sobriety and classicism, very modern rings can be obtained with different combinations of designs, finishes and textures.

Sapphire, the calm of serenity

Sapphire is another mineral variety of corundum, its color is usually bluish (although it can also be pink, yellow, green ...). It does not usually have as many inclusions as ruby, so it has greater transparency. The most valued stones are those that are lighter, so that the light reflects extensively. The darker sapphires are cheaper since they do not reflect as much light, they do not have as much life.

Also, dark stones, once mounted on jewelry, look smaller than they are.

One of the characteristics of corundum and sapphires is that they have a great hardness, just a little below diamond.

In a white gold engagement ring, a sapphire accompanied by diamonds will provide a unique touch of color and will be very combinable with any other jewel or type of clothing.

Sapphire in many ancient cultures used to represent the sky. In other cultures, it could represent fidelity, serenity and hope. It is a good reason to give a sapphire as a sign of commitment in a relationship.

Emerald, the beauty of nature

Within the gemstones for engagement rings, the emerald stands out for its unique color, which will make an engagement ring look unmatched. In addition, it was formerly associated with hope, creativity and well-being.

Emerald is a beryl, which usually oscillates between greenish colors, although there are also yellow ones. It is always recommended that they be accompanied by diamonds, since their clear light is greatly intensified by the brilliance of diamonds.

On the contrary, it must be said that the emerald is one of the most delicate stones because there are usually small cracks inside. That is why it is only recommended for people who are extremely careful with jewelry, and can provide proper maintenance to their emerald.

If you have decided on any of these precious stones for engagement rings and you are determined to add a touch of color to your ideal engagement ring, do not hesitate to ask us about your idea and we will give you a budget, without any commitment on your part. You can find us in our jewelry shop in Newcastle.


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