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Tailor-made engagement rings: the choice of the most demanding brides

It is necessary to go back to ancient Egypt to find one of the first predecessors of the engagement ring . A jewel that the brides wore on the ring finger, through which the amoris vein passed, which connected directly to the heart. But if we think of a piece more similar to the current ones, it is necessary to advance until 1477, when Maximilian of Austria gave a ring with a diamond to Mary, daughter of the Duke of Burgundy.

This jewel not only has a cultural weight, but also an emotional one, something that a study carried out by the jewelery firm Tiffany & Co. shows and that concludes that a woman watches her engagement ring nearly a million times throughout her life. . But how do you find the perfect jewel? "We believe that for every bride there is a perfect ring. Of course, it always has to be in 18kt gold and we love that they wear diamonds," they explain from Gold & Roses.

Generally, the bride and groom come accompanied to buy this piece and, as several experts confirm, they usually do it from someone who knows the bride perfectly. The normal thing is that they need some advice , also from our atelier we help them get the perfect ring by asking them about the style of the bride, her personality, lifestyle ... Many times they come with ideas, but when teaching them our designs they dare with things new ", indicate from the jewelry firm. In Rabat they go a step further and explain that " a ring chosen with the heart, selected with illusion and representing a promise of eternal love, is the perfect engagement ring

Although within the world of bridal jewelry there are pieces that follow the latest trends , classic designs are never lacking and are always synonymous with success. But if there is an option that is growing in recent years it is to create custom engagement rings facebookIt is increasingly common for brides to choose a tailored dress for their big day . The reasons behind this choice are many, but almost all are usually related to the search for a design that fits 100% with its personality . A trend that also carries over to these jewels. "Customers who bet on this option look for something special and unique. They bet on design and quality," they explain from Gold & Roses.


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