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Towing Newcastle : Some Simple Tips

The car broke down on the road. Have to tow it to towing newcastle the service. But how? In a driving school, this topic is touched on only occasionally. Therefore, knowledge of the transportation of the machine will be useful to everyone. We decided to share them.

First of all, you need to decide exactly how you will towing newcastle transport your car to the place of the proposed repair. There are several options: on a flexible hitch, using partial or full loading.The most accessible from a technical point of view and at the same time the most difficult for drivers is, of course, towing on a flexible hitch (cable). 

Recently, the Government of the Russian Federation even adopted , according to which a novice motorist with a driving experience of less than two years is no longer entitled to tow a car. For violation of this clause of the Rules, they may be involved in part 1 of Article 12.21 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (violation of the rules for the transportation of goods and towing). Get a warning or a fine of 500 rubles.Do not forget that a car towed on a flexible coupler is a full-fledged towing newcastle participant in the road, and therefore its driver must have a standard set of documents with him: a driver’s license, certificate of registration or title, insurance policy. And, of course, the towed car must have license plates. Otherwise, traffic police inspectors will have quite reasonable questions.


On a towing vehicle, the dipped headlights should be on regardless of the time of day. Actually, now all cars are required to move with the dipped headlights or daytime running lights on. But it is worthwhile to remind about this again. Read more about when and how to use lighting in accordance with traffic rules , wrote Sergei . An alarm must be activated on the towed vehicle. If it towing newcastle does not work, the emergency stop sign must be fixed at the back. The length of the flexible hitch should be between four and six meters. It is in your own interests. The fact is that the need for towing, as a rule, arises due to the inability to start the engine, which means that you can also forget about the brake booster. If the cable is short, the driver of the towed car can, out of habit, choose the wrong force on the brake pedal and “catch up” with its tug. If the cable is too long, there will be difficulties when cornering.

A vehicle towed on a flexible hitch must have a good braking system and steering. Transportation speed - no more than 50 km / h. It must be remembered that towing is not allowed in  ice .On a towed car, you need to turn on the ignition so that the mechanical steering lock in the corner does not work. Therefore, we recommend disconnecting the low voltage wire from the ignition coil - this will save battery power. In addition to alarms, the driver of a broken car may need a towing newcastle horn, and in the rain - and wipers. All this needs energy, and it must be protected.

To avoid problems during transportation, both vehicles must have towing eyes. Choose a reliable cable for towing, with carabiners, and ideally - capable of stretching. So it will be better to depreciate, because when towing jerks are possible. An ordinary cable in such conditions can break, damage the bumper, headlight or fly into the glass.Rules for the process of fastening the cable is not towing newcastle regulated. The main thing is that it be fixed securely. It is in the interest of both drivers. If the tug does not have rear eyes, the cable is attached to the towbar. If there is none, and the rear suspension is spring, the cable can be hooked to the spring.


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