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The Cost of Roof Restoration

If there is one Roof Restoration project that cannot be improvised, it is that of the roof. The budget to renovate your roof represents a very large investment and it is better to calculate everything so as not to have unpleasant surprises.

To get an idea, a Roof Restoration including installation, the price of roofing materials and zinc works costs between 10,000 and 15,000 euros .

But not everyone needs to completely redo their roof. Some will just want to change the tiles, others the frame, the insulation or simply perform a cleaning of the roof.

There are so many different things that can be done on a roof that we will give you all the rates for many jobs .

The Cost of Roof Restoration

The cost of maintaining a roof

The price of a Roof Restoration depends on the roof area but not only. It also depends on what you want to do.

The price will not be the same for a simple cleaning as a cleaning with a water repellent treatment for example.

The price is also different depending on the material that constitutes your roof.

We still show you the average rates charged:
  • For a simple cleaning, you will have to pay 10 to 15 euros per m²
  • For cleaning with defoaming, the price is between 15 and 25 euros per m²
  • For cleaning with anti-foam treatment, you will have to pay between 15 and 20 euros per m²
  • For cleaning with anti-foam and water-repellent treatment, the price is 20 to 30 euros per m²

The cost of insulating a roof

When you renovate your house, insulating the roof is part of the work you do to avoid up to 30% of heat loss from the house .

A poorly insulated roof quickly increases your energy bill. Insulating it is therefore an essential step during a home renovation in order to limit its heating expenses .

When looking for the rates for insulating a roof, keep in mind to differentiate the insulation of the attic space and the insulation of lost attic space because the price is not the same .

Here are our estimates for roof insulation:
  • The cost of an insulator is between 5 and 25 euros / m² . It varies depending on the insulation used. For example, a conventional insulation such as rock wool or glass wool will not be very expensive . On the other hand, if you use natural insulators like cellulose wadding, sheep's wool or expanded cork, the price can go from simple to double.
  • The cost of labor and only labor for insulating lost roof space is between 15 and 20 euros / m² .
  • The cost of labor and only labor for the insulation of fitted roof spaces is between 20 and 50 euros .
The insulation prices of a roof also depend on its inclination, its surface, the presence or not of a window, the specificity of the site but also on the insulation chosen.

To know the exact cost, do not hesitate to get quotes. You will therefore know to the nearest penny the cost of insulating your roof.

The cost of a terracotta tiled roof restoration

Tile roofs are the most common. There are terracotta tiles and concrete tiles .

Terracotta tiles have an excellent quality / price ratio. They cost between 1 and 2 euros each. For 1 m² of roof, you need between 22 and 36 tiles.

The cost of a roof in m² is therefore between 19 and 72 euros / m². So an average of 45 euros.
The cost of a concrete tile roof restoration

Concrete tiles have roughly the same characteristics as terracotta tiles. However, they have the disadvantage of having a lack of stability in terms of coloring.

Anyway, if you choose this type of tiles, plan a budget of 25 to 30 euros per m² .

The cost of a slate roof restoration

A slate roof is the most beautiful effect. These cut and natural stones are not only aesthetic but also have an exceptional longevity. The price of a slate is much higher than the price of a terracotta tile.

You will have to pay between 50 and 70 euros per m² for synthetic slate and between 100 and 140 euros per m² for natural slate.

The cost of a shingle roof restoration

The shingle also called asphalt shingle is flexible, light, reliable and very easy to install. But these are not the only advantages.

The price of a shingle roof is also very attractive. It will cost you in 10 and 15 m² .

The hourly rate of a roofer

If you do not do your own work, there is a cost to be expected in addition to the material: that of the roofer . And it will drive up the bill very sharply.

But calling on a professional is advisable when it comes to carrying out work at height. In addition, poorly done work can have serious consequences for your home with infiltration problems for example.

At least, with a professional, you will pay more for your work but it will be well executed.

Do you want to know the hourly rate for a roofer? You will have to pay between 40 and 60 euros

The cost of a frame

As a support and framework for the roof, the frame is a major element of the roof . It may happen that the restoration concerns this part of the house. There are two types of framework:
  • The traditional frame  : in solid wood, these elements are made to measure. It can support all forms of roofing and openings and shelter habitable roof spaces. Its cost is 200 euros / m²
  • The industrial frame is an assembly of prefabricated elements, called trusses. It allows fewer solutions in terms of forms and in some cases, it allows for attic space. Installation, farms and battens will cost you around 150 euros / m²
FYI, the hourly rate of a carpenter is 40 to 60 euros excluding taxes .

The cost of renting a scaffold

It should not be forgotten. When doing work at height such as renovating a roof, scaffolding is of course recommended. It is therefore to be included in the Roof Restoration budget  :
  • For mobile scaffolding, the rental will cost you between 50 and 150 euros per day
  • For a custom-made fixed scaffolding, count around 200 euros for a scaffolding exceeding 70 m²


The average cost of a total roof restoration of the roof is 15,000 euros. This price includes the installation, the price of the roofing materials as well as the zinc works.

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