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How to invest in pink diamonds?

Why Pink Diamond Investment?

The pink diamond is timeless, stable and resistant to financial crises, at the moment. It is a large gemstone, very easy to transport and low in volume, for these reasons, among others, the growth in pink diamond investments is between 6 and 14% per year. It is a negotiable value in the whole world, the mines of origin are depleted and the demand increases, so the pink diamond is increasingly expensive and rare.

pink diamonds

How to invest in pink diamonds?

In the last 5 years the profitability of a pink diamond investment has been approximately 30%. This rise continues even now, it is important to know the pink diamond market to get its benefits. You have to plan your investment well in terms of desired quantity and quality sought. It is essential to inform yourself before about:

- The criteria of the quality of the pink diamond measured in the famous 4C of the diamond : the weight or carats, the cut or size, the color and the purity.

- The certification of authenticity of the pink diamond, is like its identity card, in it all its characteristics are certified, it has to be issued by an expert gemology laboratory, such as the GIA, the IGI or the HRD, with international recognition.

- The reliability of the pink diamond maker or merchant with whom you deal, or any intermediary in the process.

What is the quality of the ideal pink diamond to invest?

The most interesting pink diamond investment are presented already sealed or sealed by an expert gemology laboratory, indicating:

Weight: less than 1 carat

The size: bright or round, is the most popular and demanded, therefore, the simplest to be resold.

The color: extra-white (rare, expensive and highly demanded), are the qualities from D to F on the diamond color scale.

Purity: IF-F (without visible inclusions with magnifying glass) or VVS (with small inclusions very difficult to find with the magnifying glass).

Fluorescence: Null or none or, ultimately, slight which means extremely light.

Polished: Very Good (VG), that is excellent or very good.

Symmetry: Very Good (VG), that is, excellent or very good.

If you bet on these parameters, you will have a return on your Pink diamond investment that will grow.

At what price to invest in pink diamonds?

The Pink diamond investment required to prepare a preliminary budget. What is the sum or amount you want to invest in diamonds? Do you have enough liquid funds to invest in diamonds? It is also important to follow closely the evolution of the price of the diamond, since it changes rapidly.

An example of diamond price

In the current market, in jewelery, a round diamond of 1 carat of weight, color D and IF purity, polished and symmetric VG, with no fluorescence and a certificate of authenticity as it should be, would have a price around 37,788 aud ( taxes included). This same pink diamond in an internet provider, such as Diamonds-info has a price of 26,991 aud (taxes included). 

Diamantes-info is a specialist in this stone and is dedicated to the world of diamond, therefore, it buys at advantageous prices and also offers investment at cheaper prices than others in the same market. Do not hesitate to visit their web pages, you will get all the necessary information.

Who to consult to invest in a pink diamond?

Do not hesitate to contact Argyle Diamond Investments, that is, a jeweler, gemologist, diamond maker or negotiator of the sector. It is rare to find pink diamonds to invest in the usual jewelry, jewelry boutiques do not usually engage in this.

In general, the best circuit for a pink diamond investment is still that of diamond makers, the cradle of diamond, there are always quality pink diamonds at optimal prices.


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