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Plumbing tips and recommendations

The inconveniences of plumbing happen very often in the houses. Fortunately, some of these do not require you to hire a professional plumber and you can easily solve them yourself from the comfort of your home.

They can be very simple solutions that can cost, but in the long run, can help you save your wallet. That is why we are going to give you some tips so you can solve this type of inconvenience and so you can use your time and money more effectively without any stress.

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Separate the hoses so you do not have any mishaps with the sprayer. If you have to move the hoses under the dishwasher in your kitchen when you take out the sprayer, it may be that the hoses are colliding with the shut-off valves.

A very useful advice to solve this is to put half the insulation foam rubber in the closing keys and tubes. Use adhesive felt to cover your pipes. Changes in temperature in the water can cause your pipes to expand or contract due to thermodynamic laws.

That's why we advise you to buy some adhesive felt, available in the hardware stores, cut it into strips so that you can cover your pipes to prevent water leaks due to cracks. It uses expansive foam to mitigate noise.

Fill the empty space around the dishwasher or sink with expansive foam to decrease the metallic noises of the pipes. Wait for the foam to get hard and then cut the excess with a knife or cutter. Use the vacuum cleaner to reach difficult objects.

If an object such as toothbrushes, keys, toys, etc. is obstructed in the toilet. The toilet brush or rubber plunger may not be very comfortable in that situation, they may even push the object into the sewer.

Therefore, the vacuum cleaner can be your ideal tool when sucking the object without the risk of saying goodbye to you forever. Use buckets of water to lower the toilet.

If your toilet has damaged the fitting system, while buying a new fitting and repairing the toilet, you can use a bucket full of water to lower the toilet water. Take photos to the piping system in your house.

Take advantage at the time of installation of the plumbing system of your house or when you do some repair to take a picture of your pipes, this may end up being very helpful in the future for some reference.

In the same way, taking advantage of the moment, since they are working inside the walls, I also photograph the wiring of the house. This is very useful also in cases of accidents or unfortunate events.

If your plumbing problem is much more complex than the ones mentioned above, you may need to call an expert plumber. It is the best solution to avoid that
you end up damaging more your patrimony by leaving them in expert and negligent hands.

Speaking of plumbers, we have the best plumbers ready at your disposal, just a click away, you just have to indicate the task you want to perform and the budget you have available, and that way we'll get you one. Do not hesitate to contact us through our networks.


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