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How To Train Your Moving Newcastle Effectively

If you don't have your own curricula and create a curriculum and just make a bunch of places with the things you want to show Moving Newcastle them how to do like how to drive the truck kind of back up into I kind of use a dolly how to pick up the furniture how to wrap the furniture impact the furniture how to load.

The truck and create these different playlists and granted curriculum right and you schedule especially your newer guys schedule you know several days where you actually take them you know for six hours a day and you just train them through these different processes and systems of how to load and move and do that and just send them through that class right and then.

When they graduate they do a good job get a little certificate it's really easy to print up a certificate it will make them feel a little bit better also you could offer the incentive and things successfully get through the class they they'll get like a dollar raise or something alright whatever you want to do but that's why I would do it movers newcastle would set it up and have them do it again.

Set them if you're going to do have them do it three times through have a practical and very section to your thing so they watch the that's the theory and then they have the practical that's the practice thing so I would set up a thing um I would actually set up like if you can go to your own home and have the guys or somebody else's home.

That's willing to do it and actually have their practice go read the truck if you have to do or if you got your own truck how to use your own truck and then actually show them how to do it and then have them do it like three or four times and they have to you know as a team of two or as a team of three having load the truck up tying them make sure that they're doing.

It right showing the ins and outs give them everything like spent three no three days to five days seven days whatever doing this okay yeah it's going to require a little investment of your time all right it's going to be exhausting it's going to be hard work but you guys you're really funny it creates us you create the sake and if you document it why you're doing.

The first class again you're going to have a complete out of classic you may maybe sell to your other fellow boomers alright one thing you definitely have to train your guys on how to do believe it or not is how to drive your truck I don't care if they guys chauffeur's license don't really care you still got to train these guys on kind of drive a truck especially backing up.

I can't tell you I can drive a -foot Moving newcastle truck like it's a race car I've been doing it for years I know how to do it it's not a big problem for me right but you get some guy that's never really done it maybe it's done drove me you are once or twice they don't know the ins enough they don't know that hey you got to take my turns you can't just you got to lead like two or three lengths behind the car you can't be like right up on their bumper you know you've got to learn how to wear to pack the stuff .


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