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What it's Like to Have a Career in Physiotherapy Newcastle

it's very science-based subject some examples of places and right fine Physiotherapy Newcastle is maybe working with industry to get people back to work working within the backplane classes to get people to deal with their chronic back pain and working with people with strokes to try and help their functional movements have the young kind of kids who want help with a football.

You because they got into different for two old people who maybe fallen over and need some help just getting back to their feet and walking and functional movements you don't have to be a science kind of bowfin to be able to do this course it's a very applied course it's about user person communicating with patients and really making them feel at home with themselves and obviously using some of the kind of physiotherapy  therapy.

Well the evidence base to try and to help you sue so it is hard work there is a lot of things you need to learn but that's the whole part of the physiotherapy therapies and that's why you get a lot of practical placement within the course to be able to develop that I went to look at many different universities and had the opportunity to go and have some interviews in various different places.

But when I came to you yen Physiotherapy NewcastleI felt like the staff and the people here were really helpful I love the environment the university is a really good learning tool and has great school year which is fairly new and some really good facility to them and it kind of all come and came together really and came up though so it's pretty quickly one of the things.

I really liked about coming to this university the opportunity to come to this university was the use of the ability to look at human dissection and other modalities that they had within the university that made this separate to other places to live life standard of lecturing and teaching within the university is very high our actual school is very active in research terms.

But also in terms of our of course very interactive into we have a lot of theoretical things that physiotherapists have to deal with alone anatomy and physiology but equally there are a lot of practical elements that people have a lot of experience from actually working in a practical environment the support within university is fantastic and we've just recently had some careers voice.

Because we're getting very near to finishing the course at the moment there's loads of different things like library that offer very different kind of opportunities for you especially on a masters course you have the various different things like your academic ability has to be very high and they offer schooling in that if you need to how to help you to get to the appropriate level of academic ability and writing skills and computer skills.

I finished my physiotherapy training and the options available to me massive really they go from working in the NHS and working in that environment to working in private practice to working in to management project things to actually working abroad if you wanted I think you should choose physiotherapy if you're someone who likes to go and communicate with people the likes of interaction with everyone loves working hands-on with patients and people from all kind of different backgrounds in an environment and it likes to apply their knowledge in a hands-on way


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